JUST IN! 9/21/14 — The Orange County Register endorses Lynn Schott for Irvine City Council

Ms. Schott, a 29-year resident of the city, displayed an impressive level of city knowledge and a commendable goal-oriented approach during her meeting with the Register’s Editorial Board.

“I don’t care about party affiliation, I care about getting things done,” Ms. Schott said.

As a 29 year Irvine resident, I value what makes Irvine great:

  • world class education
  • outstanding public safety
  • award-winning master planning
  • business innovation
  • cultural diversity

As your city councilwoman, I will not lose sight of these priorities.

Irvine has had a rich and colorful history, and I want us to enjoy a vibrant and prosperous future. My goal is for Irvine be the #1 business-friendly city in the region, encouraging innovation and job creation.

In 2012, the Orange County Register endorsed Lynn for Irvine city council noting:

“Lynn Schott, was particularly impressive in her candidate interview with the Register’s Editorial Board, illustrating thoughtfulness and decisiveness. If preserving Irvine’s prestige, insuring fiscal discipline and making progress for the city are of concern, voters should support Lynn Schott.”

  • Lean, Efficient, and Transparent Government.
  • Proactive and prudent planning for a vibrant future.
  • Concern for business, but never forgetting your family.

Isn’t this the kind of City Council leadership you want?

Together with my husband, Russ, we’ve raised and educated our children in this great city. We’ve spent hundreds of hours volunteering for

  • Scouting
  • Schools
  • Exchange Club
  • Youth Sports
  • Seniors
  • Our Local Church

Irvine is my home, and I’m committed to building a great future for all of our residents.

I’ll be a new face at City Hall, so why not “Give Lynn a Schott”.

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